Knowledge and Cultural Production in the Context of Contemporary Capitalism: A Response to Wittkower

  • Jeremy Hunsinger
Keywords: Social Theory, Capitalism, Critical Theory, Cultural Studies, Critique, Digital Society, Sociology, Scholarly Journal, Peer reviewed journal, Ben Agger, Tim Luke

Author Biography

Jeremy Hunsinger
Jeremy Hunsinger is completing his Ph.D. in Science and Technology in Society at Virginia Tech. He has taught courses centered on digital media and archives, library 2.0, political economy, and internet policy. His research agenda unites theory with critical technical practice in the realms of political economy, ethics and cultures of the internet, learning environments, cyberinfructures, higher education and research. This research centers on the transformations of the modes of production in the information age. At Virginia Tech, he is one of the founders and manager of the Center for Digital Discourse and Culture. He attended the Oxford Internet Institutes 2004 Summer Doctoral Programme and was Graduate Fellow of the NSF Workshop on Values in Information Systems Design. He is an Ethics Fellow at the Center for Information Policy Research at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee in 2007-2009.