CFP: Academic Automation, Machine Un/Learning and Artificial Non/Intelligences

Over the last 70 years, computational and networked media have become deeply integrated with higher education and have slowly adopted and integrated various technologies. The newest generation of technologies engaging higher education centers around what is popularly called artificial intelligence, otherwise known as machine learning. Machine learning creates models that self-design solutions that may include interaction, prediction, and other simulatable aspects. In other words, it is an attempt to automate certain processes. This special issue invites papers that engage with technological automation, machine un/learning, and artificial non/intelligence in the academic context. It seeks critical papers that examine questions around automatic grading, artificial teaching assistants, robotic instructors, other educational technologies, and the transformation of the student and professor roles concerning these technologies. 
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CFP: Online Extremism and the Insurrection of 2021


Fast Capitalism is seeking critical essays for possible inclusion in a special section of an upcoming 2021 issue about the online right-wing extremism. Our goal is to gather both scholarly essays and political commentaries to present critical analyses of the growing numbers of white supremacists and how they have organized their disruptive political networks online.

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CFP: "Capitalism, Coronavirus, and Crushing College as We Know It"


Massive changes are afoot in academia as a result of COVID-19. Fast Capitalism would like your critical thoughts on the way the quick move to online education will change higher education for everyone. The special section of Fast Capitalism will appear in issue 17.2 due out in September/October 2020.

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CFP: General Call for Papers

Our submissions are always open. We invite contributions on these and related issues. Some papers will stick close to the ground of daily life and politics; others will ascend the heights of theory in order to get the big picture. The work we publish is both disciplinary and interdisciplinary, bridging the social sciences and humanities. Culture and capital are keywords. We are also interested in cities, the built environment and nature, and we encourage people who theorize space to submit their work.  
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CFP: CFP - “This is not Normal:” Trumpism, Ineffectiveness as Governance and the Unending Campaign

Fast Capitalism is preparing another special issue for volume 17.1. Attached is a Call For Papers entitled “’This is not Normal:’ Trumpism, Ineffectiveness as Governance and the Unending Campaign.”

Proposals should be 200-400 words. Describe your argument and the format of your contribution. Please send proposals to David Arditi ( no later than October 1. Full essays of accepted proposals will be due by January 1, 2020.

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Available Now - NAFTA and Brexit: Reconsidering the Global Forces of Populism and Free Trade

We are happy to announce the publication of Issue 16.1, the first issue of Fast Capitalism to be produced on our new website. This a special issue of Fast Capitalism on NAFTA and Brexit. Contributors explore the global forces propelling right-wing populism across the world. We hope that this issue can contribute to the discussion of both policies–both of which are actively changing. If you are a policy maker or journalist, I encourage you to reach out to the authors.  
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