The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: A Retrospective on Telos

  • Scott G. McNall
Keywords: Social Theory, Capitalism, Critical Theory, Cultural Studies, Critique, Digital Society, Sociology, Scholarly Journal, Peer reviewed journal, Ben Agger, Tim Luke

Author Biography

Scott G. McNall
Scott G. McNall is professor of sociology, and currently the Executive Director of the Institute for Sustainable Development at California State University, Chico. ( He was a member of the editorial board of Telos during the 1970s and was the editor of Current Perspectives on Social Theory for seven editions. His focus for many years has been the study of organizations and what allows for change, success, and failure. He currently teaches and writes about sustainable development: the intersection of culture, the environment, the economy, and the polity. He is the lead editor for a three-volume series with Praeger Press on Sustainable Business Practices: Global Challenges, Practices and Opportunities. He can be reached at