Was Karl Marx an Ecosocialist?

  • Carl Boggs National University
Keywords: Critical Theory, Capitalism, Environment, Social Theory, Political Economy



Author Biography

Carl Boggs, National University

Carl Boggs is the author of many books in the fields of critical social theory, American politics, U.S. foreign policy and military history, film studies, and ecology. After receiving his Ph.D. at U.C., Berkeley he taught at Washington University in St. Louis, Carleton University in Ottawa, UCLA, USC, and U.C., Irvine. He is currently professor of social sciences at National University in Los Angeles. He is a regular contributor to the magazine CounterPunch, is a member of the executive board of the Global Studies Association, and is involved with such journals as Theory and Society, Fast Capitalism, and New Political Science. He is recipient of the Charles McCoy Career Achievement Award from the American Political Science Association, as well as several other awards in teaching and writing. His latest three books are Fascism Old and New, Origins of the Warfare State, and (most recent) Facing Catastrophe: Food, Politics, and the Ecological Crisis.