Why Were There So Many Jews in SDS? Or, The Ordeal of Civility

  • Mark Rudd
Keywords: Social Theory, Capitalism, Critical Theory, Cultural Studies, Critique, Digital Society, Sociology, Scholarly Journal, Peer reviewed journal, Ben Agger, Tim Luke

Author Biography

Mark Rudd
Mark Rudd was the chairman of the Columbia SDS chapter during the April, 1968, occupation and strike protesting Columbia University's racism and complicity with the Vietnam War. In June, 1969, he was elected National Secretary of SDS, the largest radical student organization of the time, then helped found the Weather Underground in the spring of 1970. He was a federal fugitive for seven and a half years. Since 1980 he has taught math at the Albuquerque Technical-Vocational Institute and also has been involved in numerous local peace, justice, union, and environmental struggles in New Mexico. He is currently writing a memoir. For more writing, or to contact him, check out www.markrudd.com
The Sixties at Forty